Spring art show exhibits artistic talents


Lilianna Kallas, Feature Editor

The 13th annual art show has made its appearance at North on April 26.
The art show is a yearly event allowing students to walk around and admire the work of their peers.
“I think what is most enjoyable about the art show is, it’s a chance for all students to get together and display what they are most proud of, while also getting a chance to see what everyone else is working on.” junior Stephanie Dudley said.
The art show gives the students a chance to show their creativity and hard work.
“I chose to put in two pieces, the first being a 3-D sculpture of an astronaut and the second being an underpainting study,” senior Karla Valdaz said.
Students are allowed to put up to five art pieces in the show.
“I chose to put two pieces in, the first being a squirrel,” Dudley said. “In working on this piece, I learned to use spray paint for the first time.”
Only students who are taking an art class are allowed to showcase their pieces.
“[Students enjoy] being able to look back at everything that was done in a year and reflect on how it was improved,” senior Allison Fijalkowski said. “Plus, it’s nice to see what others have done in class.”
National Art Honors Society students can choose a piece they did in class or a community service project.
“I put five projects in the art show this year because they were the ones I spent the most time on and had enjoyed making the most,” Fijalkowski said.
The art show also benefits students who are not currently enrolled in art but are interested in it.
“For some of the first year, art foundations students, they may not always want to stick with art, but it’s a good opportunity for them to see what they could look forward to by advancing to the other classes,” Dudley said.
The art show is a place for people to either support their friends, and classmates or to show off all their hard work and talent.
“I am going to miss all the people who I have met over the past four years because they are the ones who have made my time at North enjoyable,” Fijalkowski said.