Don’t let location fool you

Cody Marshall, Staff Writer

Sometimes the best food comes from the unlikeliest of places

La Flor De Morelos has been in Plainfield for a little over a year and is located in the BP gas station on 135th street.

The food itself is very good and highly recommended. Their steak, cilantro and onion tacos are loaded with steak which is seasoned well and maintains a juiciness that is ideal for any taco. The onions and cilantro, however, can be overwhelming, but that’s a matter of preference.  They have an alternate option for their tacos that includes lettuce and tomato.

La Flor De Morelos has other options for meats like chicken, ground beef, pork and chorizo. Normally, their tacos are $2.50, but on Taco Tuesdays they are sold for a dollar. They also have burritos for $6.99 and chimichangas for $7.99. The same key ingredients are used for all their main dishes and cheese, sour cream and avocado can be added for .50 cents each.

They also serve vegetarian options that includes vegetarian tacos, burritos and tostadas that include lettuce tomato rice and bean. The green sauce is a fan favorite, but the other sauces aren’t as good. It’s recommended to stay with the green sauce.

They also serve breakfast with options like breakfast burritos, omelets or just simply eggs with onions peppers and ham. These prices vary, but they have deals like 2 for $5 on burritos or the egg dish is $6.99.

The interior is hard to judge due to the fact the building is split into two. It is easy to distinguish which parts of the building belong to the restaurant and which parts belong to the gas station. The restaurant’s dining area is clean and well maintained. The gas station is not so much. It is a gas station, so expectations should not be too high, but with that said, the fact that it is a gas station means it’s not the ideal date spot.

A benefit to having the restaurant in the gas station is that as people coming home from their jobs, they can make a quick stop for gas and run inside and grab some tacos. The staff get food out quick and the food is fresh.

The time it takes to receive food isn’t McDonald’s fast, but it is as fast as most fast food places. At most food takes five minutes, but it truly depends on how much food is ordered.

There aren’t many tables, so sitting down in the building might not be an option during the lunch rush. They do have seating outside, though, for the summer months.

The staff do a fantastic job of being friendly and accommodating. They take orders quickly and serve chips and salsa to those that choose to dine in. The chips aren’t bad they just shouldn’t be the reason people eat at La Flor De Morelos.

The location of La Flor De Morelos may initially sway people in an opposite direction due to the fact it is inside a gas station. In general gas stations are dirty, open all day and can attract sketchy characters. The owners look to move their restaurant to a nearby location which will allow them to have more control on the cleanliness and appearance of the restaurant.

La Flor De Morelos is a hidden gem that continues to offer authentic Mexican food in a non-ideal location. This restaurant for its food alone deserves a 7/10 and is highly recommended.

It is open from 10 to 10 every day, except Saturday when they close at 8. The restaurant has dine-in, carryout and delivery.