Hoch “shreds” history


Lilianna Kallas, Feature Editor

History may not be everyone’s favorite or strongest subject, but with the right teacher, history can be exciting and important. North world history and economics teacher Nicole Hoch tries to instill this to all her students.

“I always knew I wanted a profession in helping people, and I love history,” Hoch said. “A lot of people say they don’t like history. I want to change that by helping students find parts of history that they find interesting.”

Hoch has always had a unique, personal connection to Illinois history, so when she didn’t know what career direction she wanted to go in, she felt it was destined to happen.

“I’ve been surrounded with this dream since I was a little kid. My parents’ house was built in 1851, and it was owned by Abraham Lincoln‘s law partner, so that history was always something that I feel connected to,” Hoch said. “My dad did research on our family history, so I helped him in the summers by doing research and finding more about where my ancestors came from.”

As a member of the Social Studies Department, she is noted by fellow teachers for her devotion to her work as well as her warm demeanor.

“She is very personable and easy to talk to when I see her around the building,” history teacher Daniel Foreman said. “She is always in a bright and happy mood that definitely projects itself on to others around her.”

As well as her love of teaching history to her students, Hoch also is involved with students outside of the classroom by being in charge of many different clubs such as being the freshmen class representative.

“I heard there was a position open for student council representative, so I figured I’d give it a shot and help out,” Hoch said.  “I didn’t know what it would entail or how intense running the homecoming bonfire would be, but I have enjoyed being a part of an event that North students seem to really enjoy. Every year it seems to grow bigger and bigger, and my goal is to make it an event that students all love.”

As well as freshmen representative, Hoch is also the sponsor of Shred Club. Each year, Hoch arranges for students to go on trips to ski and snow board.

“I’m in Shred Club, and it’s a lot of fun,” junior Anthony Machalski said.  “We go on trips and hang out, and Ms. Hoch is just a great lady.”

Last year Hoch decided to add one more sponsor position to her already busy schedule.  She created Guitar Club where students go and jam with their electric or acoustic guitars and express their creative freedom through music.

“Ms. Hoch helped me flourish my creativity though extracurricular activities like Shred Club and Guitar Club,” junior Mikey Drobick said.

Hoch is definitely a person to help with creativity. Every year, she participates in North’s door decorating contests, and she has won several of them.

“I love doing the door decorating, and I just decided to do it a couple of years ago  and I just loved doing it ever since,” Hoch said.

Walking into her classroom, the first thing a person notices is that the ceiling is covered in bright, colorful flags from around the world. However, there is more than the flags Hoch would like a student to take away from her class.

“I’m always there to help and set you up for success,” Hoch said.  “Also, history can be fun and interesting.