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Fans thrilled for new season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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Fans thrilled for new season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Georgia Slowik, Journalism 1

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New York’s finest is back. “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” makes its triumphant return, and this time it has a new network. After five seasons, the cop sitcom was cancelled by Fox; however, the cancellation was short lived. Less than 24 hours after the news spread of the cancellation, NBC picked up the show for its sixth season.

This is largely due to the overwhelming support shown for the show on twitter. Celebrities such as Lin-Manuel Miranda tweeted his support for the show after it was momentarily cancelled.

Despite changing networks, it is still the same show the audience knows and loves.  The show fits in well at NBC, as the writer Michael Schur currently writes for “The Good place”, and formally “Parks and Rec.”

When the audience last saw the 99 squad, Captain Raymond Holt played by Andre Braugher (Homicide: Life on the Street) was anxiously awaiting to see if he got the job as New York police commissioner. Meanwhile, Jake Peralata played by Andy Sandberg (SNL) and Amy Santiago played by Melissa Fumero (“One Life to Live”) tied the knot.

In the new season which aired Jan. 10, newlyweds Jake and Amy set off on their dream honeymoon, although in typical “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” fashion, things do not go as planned. Due to unusual circumstances the couple finds themselves honeymooning with their boss, Captain Holt.

The couple spends their time trying to ditch the clingy captain who won’t leave them alone. Holt’s character usually does not appreciate humor or emotion, but upon going through a rough time, Holt embraces humor, claiming “His life is a joke.”

The Holt shown this season is different from seasons past, but in a good way. Throughout the episode he is seen wearing tourist t-shirts and making self-depreciating jokes about his life.

Since moving to NBC, the show is now allowed to use “bleeps” in place of swear words, which is one reason the cast said they were most excited about moving networks. The network took full advantage of that and used bleeps in the first episode. The bleeps added to the comedic effect of the show, without it being too vulgar, as the show kept the “Bleeps” to a minimum.

Back at the bullpen, character Sargent Terry Jeffords played by Terry Crews (“White Chicks) is left in charge while Holt is on leave. Although normally calm and in control, Terry has a hard time running the precinct. He attempts to break into Holt’s computer to find the Instruction Manuel Holt left; however, frustrated, he throws the computer at the wall.

In season’s past, the show tackled serious issues, such as homophobia in the work place and racial profiling. The new season is expected to cover a variety of important social issues like the “Me too” movement, as well as coming out stories for characters. The show has always been able to tackle important issues today, while still being light hearted and comical.

The second and third episodes are a blast from the past. In the second episode “Hitchcock and Scully,” the audience gets to see a new side to characters Hitchcock and Scully. The episode focuses on life back in the 80’s for the two detectives.  In he third episode “The tattler” Jake Peralta and Gina Linetti Played by Chelsea Peretti (“Game Night”) have their high school reunion. The premiere of Brooklyn Nine-Nine set the comedic tone for the upcoming season, and the second and third episodes are proof of that.  Both episodes had a feel “good vibe” with a great sense of humor.

The new season is expected to have a similar structure as previous seasons. Fans of the show can expect the same characters they know and love, only this time the cast has more freedom to explore more “adult” oriented jokes that weren’t allowed before on FOX.

NBC’s decision to pick up “Brooklyn nine-nine” paid off, as this season premiere had its highest ratings it has season in the past two years with 3.6 million views. If this episode is anything to go by, the new season is expected to be filled with humor, deeper storylines, and character development.


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Fans thrilled for new season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine