At Issue: We aren’t too old for Halloween

Caroline Baumker, Editor-in-Chief

As people mature, they start wondering if they are too old for holiday traditons they loved in childhood.  One of these things is whether it is still cool to get dressed up on Halloween and go trick-or-treating.

Despite what some people think, it is okay to be older and still dress up for the holiday as long as the decisions they make mature along with them and the intention is right.

When it comes to people growing up, Halloween becomes less about the candy and more about spending time with loved ones and having fun. Getting a group of friends together and dressing up just for kicks and having fun together is always a good thing.

Besides no teenager wants to be cooped up on Halloween night just watching younger kids run around.

Plus, even though people are old enough to have children of their own, not all adults stop dressing up. Regardless of if they take the holiday seriously or not, some parents will still dress up and go out with their kids and watch them have fun gathering up sweets and racing up doorsteps with their own friends.

Just because they are older, they still have a good time talking with other parents and just enjoying how happy the holiday makes their children. Besides, there is something satisfying about running around outside for a couple hours and filling up on candy until it aches to eat anything else.

Not to mention people can see the event as a challenge for their creative side, attempting to out-do their costume from the previous year with one better, more clever and even scarier. People can go from tea crazed mad hatters one year to sinister bloodsuckers the next.

Outside of all of the materialistic things about Halloween that people normally think of, it provides people with the opportunity to get up and take a step back from their normal lives for a little bit of time.

In a way, it presents people with a much needed, short freedom.

Overall, high schoolers can still celebrate Halloween along with everyone else in the neighborhood because they can still have a lot of fun with it.

Whether a person is a straight A student or nothing is going right in his or her life, a person can take a small break and become something or someone else. For one night only, they are no longer ordinary teenagers. They are witches, zombie football players, characters from movies and the things that go bump in the night