Salute to Holzer

Caroline Baumker, Editor-in-Chief

Whether it is having students perform original skits depicting the culture of the 1950s or making paper airplanes to recreate the Berlin Airlift, social studies teacher Jeremy Holzer finds new ways to keep his classes exciting for his students.

Holzer has been teaching at North for the past six years and works hard to make sure his students have a good time in his class while learning the material.

“He’s extremely friendly, understanding and will have no problem helping out a student who’s struggling,” senior Alicia Sinclair said, “Or even talk with a student about random history facts.”

In Sinclair’s opinion, what makes his class so great is how he makes learning about history interesting for his students while providing facts along with “little debates going on about either what [they are] learning or current events.”

Holzer’s coworkers enjoy working alongside him.

“If you’ve been in his class you know who he is,” special education and social sciences teacher Ryan Paymaster said, “He’s in this profession and world for all the right reasons.”.

Paymaster and Holzer have been working together for the past two years and co-teach a U.S. History class. One of the memorable moments in the class was when Paymaster’s father who is also a Vietnam veteran came in to talk to their students because Holzer thought it presented an opportunity that would be a waste to pass up.

“We had him come in and speak on his experience as an infantry soldier in Vietnam,” Paymaster said, “They became buddies and talked at least two hours after school.”

Another person who finds enjoyment in working with Holzer is Division Chair for English and Social Studies David Brown. Holzer and Brown have been working together for three years.

“[Holzer’s] ability to keep things light and fun on a day to day basis make him some one that both staff and students enjoy being around…,” Brown said, “He is able to come up with interactive way to teach the course curriculum.”

Brown notes that some of the strengths Holzer possesses includes his ability to form good relationships with his students.

“He is a teacher that kids enjoy talking to and learning from because he finds ways to relate topics to current events and student interests,” Brown said, “Students know he cares about them and are in turn willing to work hard in his class.”

Holzer takes pride in getting his students to grow in self-confidence and emerge out of their shells.

“The interactions with students is…what makes teaching enjoyable to me,” Holzer said.