Cheap, simple Halloween costumes available

Lilianna Kallas, Feature Editor

As Halloween creeps it’s way around the corner, people everywhere search for the perfect and most affordable costume. There are luckily, items around the house to use for a person’s costume or even ways to get a costume for under ten dollars.

Finding things around the house that can be made into a Halloween costume, it’s completely free and even more accessible than people think.

Take one of dad‘s dress shirts a pair of shorts, a backwards hat, and some long socks, and it makes the perfect frat boy costume.

A Greek god or goddess is another easy costume to make. A person simply has to take a sheet from home and wrap it around the body to make a toga.  Adding accessories can make it even better like a rope to tie around the waist and  take some entwined leaves to make into a crown.

Dressing up as a zombie can be almost effortless and more inexpensive than someone may think. Get some old clothes, tear them up a bit and the only thing a person has have to buy is fake blood to splatter.  Party City has it available for under ten dollars.

Hobble around Halloween and be a senior citizen. All that is needed is a bathrobe and a nightgown or a pair of high waisted pants and an old sweater. Add accessories like a pair of glasses or a cane.

Going as a hippie or a grunge rocker is facile if parents have their old Janko jeans or their old bell bottoms. If they did leave that stuff in the past, second hand stores like Goodwill will have what a person is  looking for.

Goodwill is a resale shop full of accessories and clothing items to make a low-cost Halloween costume. For example, grab a pair of khakis, plaid shirt, some Converses, a pair of thick-framed glasses and there is the ideal nerd costume.

For people who are not interested in making their own costumes, there is a wide selection of preowned costumes ranging in price from 4.99 to 14.99.

Another example is going as a tourist. A floral shirt with a white tee shirt underneath, a big obnoxious hat and a pair of goofy sunglasses can be found at Goodwill all of which ranging from 99 cents to 10 dollars.

Ebay is also a great place to find reasonably priced accessories for a costume. If the creativity isn’t flowing and making a costume isn’t an option, Ebay has costumes and accessories available. The only downside to an online buy is if something is needed very soon for a costume, there is no guarantee it will be delivered in time.

If a person wants to have fun on Halloween but is nearly broke, The Dollar Store is another great place to get cheap accessories to enhance a Halloween costume. Finding a pair of wings or a funny hat that makes up a ridiculous costume to get people laughing is a great way to go for a costume.

A costume that can be made at the Dollar Store that’s more of a classic halloween costume is a mummy. Buy  toilet paper and wrap it around him or herself a couple of times to make an uncostly mummy costume.

Making a free or affordable costume is an easy way to go this Halloween especially for high school students because fun doesn’t need to cost a fortune.