Shinovich returns to science

Lilianna Kallas, Feature Editor

When people think of their physics teacher they might think of Beakers, tests tubes, and a nerdy looking person in a lab coat. When people think of a school dean they might think of being nervous or scared. Brad Shinovich doesn’t fit either of those categories when it comes to being a teacher or their former dean.

“Mr. Shinovich is really funny and really good at explaining things. I had him as a dean and now a teacher and he is a really nice person whether he was at the office or in class.” junior Gracie Wolfe said.

Shinovich has been a teacher for 13 years. He started as a Teacher for 10 years then he became dean for two years and is now a current physics teacher here. Besides teaching he was a golf coach for 10 years.

“The rewards of teaching are definitely getting to see the light in their eye when they finally understand something or when a student really likes the subject and you can tell.” Shinovich said.

There is an obvious difference with being a dean and a teacher with the first thing is the difference of how many students you work with a day or in a school year. Being a dean, they work with a lot less students of all different ages where as being a teacher you work with a lot more students a day and they are usually around the same age depending on what class.

“There is a difference with your relationship with the students you have because I try to get to know all my students but in the class room but being a dean since I have less students and I get to know more about those students and you realize that you never really know what’s going on in a student’s life.” Shinovich said.

There are a lot of hardships of being a teacher that people don’t really notice but there has to be a lot more that meets the eye.

“I was really happy to get Shinovich back in the science department because physics is a hard subject for a lot of students, but he has the ability to relate to students and help them.” Ginger Brest said.

Going along with the hardships of teaching people don’t think about what being a teacher effects their home life. Shinovich has a wife who also teaches. His wife teaches math at a middle school and he has two kids; a daughter and a son.

“Being a teacher, I want my kids to value education and enjoy learning because it something they should enjoy. And it’s nice to come home to a wife who is also a teacher because when we talk about our days we relate to each other and tell each other stories.” Shinovich said.

Everyone has a subject that they latch onto because the love or their good at it, or both. Sometimes its even a teacher or person that inspires you. People can be good at writing, math, reading, music or in Shinoviches case; science.

“I have always been good at science and really enjoyed doing it. I had an AP Bio teacher who was my favorite teacher that I remember and from what I’ve learned is you can’t take stuff to seriously, not every student is going to like you.” Shinovich said

At the end of each year teachers would like to be remembered for different things.

“I want kids to think of me as a cool guy who helped them learn how to problem solve,” Shinovich said.

There are some people who grow up and have jobs they hate, or dread going to and get stuck doing something they aren’t passionate about but watching Shinovich teach there is a lot to take away from how much he likes his job.

“I am very fortunate to have this job and work at this school and be doing something I enjoy doing” Shinovich said.

Science teacher Brad Shinovich goes over information with his physics class. Photo by Lilianna Kallas