Student disinterest causes winter dance cancellation

Lauren Hansen, Editor-in-Chief

There won’t be a winter dance this year due to a lack of student interest and organization.

“In my nine years at North, we have always had a hard time getting students to attend the winter dance.  We have also had to cancel in the past for the same reason,” Principal Ross Draper said.

Whether or not that is a good or bad development is purely subjective. Personally, I’m neutral to the idea. The school does try to make the events enjoyable; however, most end up being very similar.

63.6% of the students who have not  been to a winter dance said they would attend one. However, most of the students who have attended one, said they didn’t enjoy it.

I have gone to a handful of dances. Homecoming was great as a Freshman and so was the Boom Tour.

I consider Boom Tour one of the best nights of my freshman year. All the music was top hits for that year, and the DJ didn’t cut them off or turn them into remixes.

I loved the inflatable obstacle where a handful of students had to jump over or duck under a moving bar –  even though I failed at it.

I returned to Boom Tour the next year with the same group, and we tried everything. This time, though, we were so unimpressed that we ended up leaving an hour early.

This year’s event had laser tag, but people only got to play for two minutes at a time. The giant Janga game was fun, but a person can only watch a tower topple so many times before it gets boring.

I hated the music because the songs were cut mid-chorus and several songs sounded so techno, I couldn’t hear any of the lyrics. Worst of all, student requests were largely ignored.

Besides the theme- which stayed the same for both Boom Tour dances- there seemed to be a conscious effort to mix up the winter dances. The activities changed between freshman and sophomore and last year was a turnabout.

Dances are fun initially. Everything is new, and the right people make them great.

Most of my disinterest is because of bad DJs.

When I returned to Homecoming as a Junior, it wasn’t the same. The music wasn’t very good, and it just lacked the same energy. I suppose the novelty had worn off.

My interest in these events had disappeared by junior year, so, I didn’t bother going to turnabout. By then I had become rather unenthused with the whole spectacle.

I’m sure many people would still attend the events if the music improved or if better themes were chosen.

For me, if you’ve been to one dance, you’ve been to them all.

At each dance we eat, we talk and we dance. It’s not bad, but not something I need to return to time and time again.