North hosts Madrigal Dinner

Lauren Hansen, Editor-In-Chief

North’s Madrigal Dinner completed its 13th annual performance on Dec. 2 and 3.

The cast consisted of 70 students with Kalvin Solberg as King, Katherine Buchanan as Queen, Josh Whitefield as Jester and Head Wenches Gabi Trani and Lily Wan.

“[Favorite part of the madrigal dinner] I think the togetherness it brings, everyone becomes one big family during the experience. Everyone has the same love for the same thing,” sophomore Clare Songco said.

This event required cooperation from several people as they had to serve the guests while playing separate roles.

“It’s bittersweet I’ve been doing this since my freshman year and there is no one else I would want to spend my final madrigal dinner with than those amazing singers,” senior Jaime Krankavitch said.

At the head table were 16 Northern Voices. Bella Voce had 24 students as servers and wenches who performed during the holiday concert.

[The best aspect of the madrigal dinner] the singing for everybody and being at the front table, that was very special for me, junior Matt swanson said.

The set design was the same as past years, but social studies teacher Sean Barber and the tech crew designed a new arch for the entrance. The rest of the set design was completed by choir director Monica Bertrand and parent volunteers.

[The best part of the madrigal dinner] fist of all, getting to work with my best friend and being in the medieval times atmosphere and the costumes are so colorful and so much fun. Pretending to be in that olden time age is so fun,” junior Lily Wan said.

Parent volunteers also organized the costumes, and Cheri Miller made new costumes for the Wenches.

“We’re all in choir and just getting tossing together is amazing. The best part of being head wench is the leadership and opportunities that come along with it. Also, just getting to act and play pretend with my friends, there’s nothing like it,” junior Gabriella Trani said.

This year the beggars had a skit where they had a sales pitch for a new product, soap.

“it’s a happy sadness, it’s happy because I enjoy doing this [the madrigal dinner], but it’s sad because it’s my last one, I just have to savor every moment,” senior Lauren Buck said.

Several songs were performed throughout the night including the opening welcome of “We’ll Dress the House” and the madrigal concert songs like “Dainty Fine,” “Sweet Nymph” and “If ye love me.”

“[Favorite song of the performance] the world for Christmas, it’s a really sweet piece,” junior Sydney Bak said.

There were traditional madrigals such as “Boars Head Carol.”

“It [the  madrigal dinner] gets me in the Christmas spirit,” junior Kat Waller.

Also, holiday classics like “Hark! the Herald Angel Sing.”

“The singing was awesome, I love how you’re siting, but they’re all around you,” sophomore Sean Le Blane said.

Turkey, potatoes, veggies, cheese soup, bread, Turkey, potatoes, green beans, figgy pudding and the drink wassail was provided for dinner.

“[my favorite part of the madrigal dinner is] feeling special because I get to tell people what to do and I love being on stage and I love speaking in a British accent,” sophomore Jami Dietz said.

Forks are forbidden at the madrigal dinner and two guests were caught with them. As punishment, one had to do animal impersonations and the other complete a limbo match.

“[the coolest aspect of the madrigal dinner is] the fork rule, it is very entertaining, a perfect balance of oddity and humor,” junior Jared zilic said.

The students have been preparing for this event since August including rehearsals, costume fittings, and it took about 4 days to set up the cafeteria.

“My favorite part of the experience is that kids from different choirs and even band get to interact and get to know each other because our classes have different time places and we don’t get to do that during the day,” junior Hanna Arenstein said.

The Madrigal Dinner is self-Funded. Revenue for this year’s event goes toward next year’s for new costumes, new set pieces, new dishware and anything else that needs to be replaced.