Submissions deadline looming

Lauren Hansen, Editor-In-Chief

The deadline on submissions for the 2018 literary festival is in six weeks.

“It is so important that students have the opportunity to not only showcase their writing, but also receive feedback from professionals in the industry who can offer advice and expertise that extends beyond the classroom,” Literary club co-sponsor Leslie Fireman said.

Those who submit pieces will compete in six categories against students at other schools within the Suburban Prairie Conference for awards.

“I want to join lit. fest because it looks like something cool and new to try, and writing is a great form of stress relief, so why not?” junior Alicia Sinclair said.

Students can submit: critical essays, descriptive sketches, dramatic scenes, personal essays, personal narratives, poems and short-stories.

“I want to be a published author, so a literary competition seems like a good place to start,” Senior Kaitlyn Brecker said.

All students can submit up to three pieces in any of the six classifications.

“I want to do lit. fest because it’s a cool way to interact with writers in the community,” literary club co-president senior Ravina Thakkar said.

Only students who have submitted a piece qualify to attend the literary festival, and each school is limited to a maximum of 50 participants.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity to hone and learn writing skills that can transfer into the classroom and extend outside into their lives as well,” Literary club co-sponsor Krystina Leyva said.

Submission can be turned in to Leyva in Room 313, Fireman in Room 211 or the Lit Fest email: [email protected]. The deadline on writing admissions for the 2018 Literary Festival is Jan. 26.

“Every year, I have encouraged my own students to submit pieces to and attend the conference, but I have never had the opportunity to actually be part of the planning process, so I am excited to see the conference develop over the next several months, and to be part of that experience,” Fireman said.