Early Christmas Decor

Lauren Hansen, Editor-In-Chief

While strolling through Kohl’s, there seems to be a mistake. Beside the pumpkins and ghosts sit ringing bells, shimmering angels and gingerbread.

Christmas doesn’t take place until the end of December, yet over two months early decorations have come to town. Isn’t it bad enough that Christmas music already begins before December? What happened to the 12 days of Christmas?

This onslaught of commercialization disregards not only Thanksgiving, but now Halloween as well.

Though Halloween has changed drastically from its ancient Celtic festival of Samhain origins with setting bonfires and wearing costumes to deflect wandering spirits into an excuse for children to gather and eat large amounts of sugar; it should be the official start of the holiday season. The fun of this horror-filled celebration shouldn’t be tossed aside. The bright and glittery Christmas decorations have no place next to the grotesque and frightening Halloween adornments.

Following the ghouls and goblins are the turkeys and mashed potatoes.

Thanksgiving is traditionally a time to come closer with friends and family and give gratitude for all the blessings people may have, but today that fact seems forgotten in favor of the consumeristic Christmas.

As many know, Black Friday has now bled into Thanksgiving. Historically, Black Friday marked the beginning of the Christmas season. Now, people gobble their Thanksgiving meals in order to get in line at Best Buy.

Christmas has become completely commercialized and overbearing. Forget the warmth of quality family time, it’s all about finding the perfect present.

By rushing past these two holidays- the first of which is meant to be purely fun and the second a chance for reflection and reunions- society loses the buffer before the stressful hustle of gift shopping and party planning.

Preparing for Christmas is stressful enough without it appearing over two months early. Should one already be purchasing supplies and gifts for the holiday? Kohl’s Christmas decorations are even 50 percent off weeks before Halloween.

Sheesh, even Disney World waits until November to decorate for Christmas.