Community welcomes new principal

Prowler Staff

Over the past decade, North has developed a reputation as one of the best, if not, the best school in the District. We consistently score high on the ACT among other academic achievements, and maintain low discipline levels. In those years, we have experienced the tenure of three principals, with the schools fourth taking the position in June, after the school board chose Assistant Principal Ross Draper for the role.
As a student body, we have had the pleasure to get to know him over the past seven years as an assistant principal and we can say with full confidence that he will build upon our school’s positive reputation.
There will be trying times. There will be struggles. We know wholeheartedly that he will consider what is in the best interest of the students and we will respect and support his decisions. Throughout his seven year tenure at North, he has shown his desire for student involvement and has been very receptive to our concerns and opinions. These simple things give us faith that he will continue to improve the school just as Epperson has.
We hope that when he takes student opinion into account, he considers students of a wide range of interests. Whether they be in band/choir, an athlete, every student brings something new to the table, so it is ever necessary to be inclusive of their opinions. Each person sees a different side of North and offers new perspectives that can provide insight toward the state of the school.
He has been a part of North and has come to know what the atmosphere is like at this school. We take pride in our success as the best school in District 202. We share a great deal of support for each other as a student body. The Prowler is certain that support will be extended to him in this position.
As a newspaper staff, we put our trust in him to support us and grant us the rights of a free press to a reasonable extent. We look forward to working alongside him in the future as we strive to educate the student body about school news and functions.
We feel confident that he will continue to improve student life at this school. Through his efforts to increase school spirit, it is evident he wants all of us to enjoy our time at North, which assures us he will continue to be proactive as principal.
We appreciate all the work he did as assistant principal and look forward to what is to come in his new role.