Saying final goodbyes


Photo by Mia Bernasol

Maddy will be majoring in Television Arts while attending Bradley University

Maddy Mirallegro, Co-Editor in Chief

If I am being honest, I have no idea how to begin this other than saying, this feels weird. It seems like just yesterday that I was starting my first day of freshman year wandering around the halls feeling lost because the school felt so big. Now, I am graduating and moving on to a different school that feels even larger than North did.

To say that I am excited would be an understatement. As much as I love going to school here and seeing all of the familiar faces, I am ready to move on and meet new people and create new memories. 

Before taking journalism, I had my heart set on making it big in the theatre industry, but after just one class I realized that what I wanted to do was sitting in front of me the whole time. Literally, the computer with all my journalism work was right in front of me in the lab.

As I ventured into exploring potential colleges during my senior year, I had planned to major in journalism with a minor in history, but that has since changed since I visited Bradley University which is the college that I will be attending in the fall.   I am now majoring in Television Arts where I will learn how to be on camera and produce shows from news to entertainment and minoring in journalism.

Although I am ready to pack my bags and leave North, I will miss all of my fellow editors who I have worked with for the past two years. It is going to be a little weird knowing that when I walk into my new journalism class, there will be no familiar faces.

One person that I will definitely miss sitting next to in class has to be my fellow co-editor-in-chief, Gianna. We originally told each other in junior year that we would take journalism as long as the other did so as well. 

Not so surprisingly, we both fell in love with it and are now both going into majors and professions that surround journalism. I am really going to miss what we call journalism chats where we rant to each other and help each other with different articles and headlines. 

Last, but definitely not least, I am going to miss Ms. Hannemann a great deal. She helped me find my true passion for journalism and encouraged me throughout these two years. Of course I will also miss all of the treats that she would so kindly make us and the famous candy bowl in the lab. 

If I have to say one thing to any underclassmen reading this, sign up to take journalism. I promise that you will have the time of your life.