Senior Column- Lilianna Kallas

Lilianna Kallas, Co-Editor-In-Chief

I think that the attitude I have toward my senior year and missing all the things like prom, senior brunch, senior ditch day and graduation has always been inside me.
High school is all about finding who you are and where you fit in. Once you get to senior year, most people like me, realize that it doesn’t matter who you are and where you fit in as long as you’re having a good time.
I realized it didn’t matter who I was earlier than senior year, but that’s alright because my senior year got cut short. At first because I kept thinking “oh my gosh. I’m going to miss prom, the senior newspaper, senior brunch, senior ditch day and even graduation” and it was sad.
I was definitely disappointed because even though I would complain about school most of the time, there was a sense of seeing my friends. Being on a schedule that was kind of fun, and it was only four-year experience.
As quarantine has dragged on, I stopped feeling sad, and now I feel kind of special that I’m the only class this is probably going to happen to. So, that’s a bit unique, right? I get a different senior experience than most people.
Struggling throughout high school, I always kept a good attitude even when things were tough. Whether stuff at home was affecting me in my school life or my school life was affecting things outside of school, I just had to believe that there was a light at the end of the tunnel, and I got through every year.
I’ve had so many fun experiences throughout high school. For a while I was in tech crew for the plays and musicals and got to meet so many new people and work hard late nights to put on a great show. I have also written for the paper since sophomore year, and I have made some of my best friends in that class as well as expanded my skills of writing and talking to people. Not only that, but just having fun at football games or dances were always so much fun.
Classes that I have taken and the people that I met have had a huge impact on me. For example, during my junior year, I took U.S. history with Mr. Foreman. At first, I was not looking forward to that class because I like world history more and most of the class was sophomores, but through the year that became my favorite class. He was the funniest teacher, and I met some really amazing people as well as I have more of an appreciation for history, and it is now my favorite subject.
Each year was different from the previous one. Each week changing me, molding me into the person I am so, after high school, I’m get ready to jump into college continue on my education and my life with the tools like talking and meeting new people. Not always having everything work out in your favor, heartbreak, happiness and how to work hard. North gave me these tools over the last four years.