“You are not the same person anymore” Cassidy Sutton- Senior Column

High school. It’s something we go into with high hopes of what it may be. Movies like “High School Musical” and “Grease” shaped our expectations of what high school would really be like.
It turned out, high school wasn’t anything like what we saw in the movies at all. People fade in and out of our lives throughout the four years we spend in high school. The friends you started with may not be the friends you end with. And, as we move on into the next chapter of our lives, the friends we made here at North may not be a part of our new stories.
We experience a lot in this chapter of our lives and finally start to realize who we are as human beings and where we belong. Whether it is from the sports we participated in, the club’s we joined, the classes we chose to take, the teachers we liked and didn’t like, each one of those moments are a part of who we are.
The way I have always seen it is that everyone has an impact on us whether we choose to realize it or not. It’s tricky, though, applying what we learned to how we evolve. The hardest part is accepting that you can’t apply what you learned because you’re a different person.
Maybe for you high school was the best time of your life or maybe you didn’t like anything about it all. No matter your feelings on high school, you are not the same person who walked through the front doors your freshman year.
Every moment has helped you grow and learn something about who you are as a person. The most important lessons in life aren’t taught directly in the classroom, but they are still learned throughout high school. Each day we spend in school something or someone has impacted our lives whether it’s positive or negative.
The strongest teachers pushed you to be a hard worker. The kindest teachers gave you light in your darkest times. Your best friends taught you what it was like to be accepted. The day we graduate is the day we move onto bigger and better things.
There is a whole world out there waiting for each and every one of us. Take your hardest moments and your best moments of high school and apply them to your day-to-day life.
Remember the names of those who walked with you in the hallways, sat with you at lunch, taught you your least favorite subject as well as your favorite subject.
Each and every person that was a part of your high school experience has impacted your life. Although you may not realize it now, you are not the same person anymore; you… are better. Thank you to every teacher I have ever had, every person who had the kindness in them to talk to me, every friend I’ve ever made, Mrs.Harrison and Interact club. You all have changed my life.