Fast take: Cayden Amico


What has wrestling taught you?

Wrestling has taught me how to push myself for the things I care about Whether it has to do with wrestling or not. We all have goals in life; it’s up to you if you want to reach them.

How has your coach helped you become a better wrestler? 

Coach Bodi has been coaching me for almost a decade now. He treats all the wrestlers like family. The one thing that has helped me the most is his knowledge of the sport and the amount of time and effort he puts into each wrestler.

What is your favorite part of wrestling? 

My favorite part of wrestling is the team. We grow a very close bond through the season. The mat is where I have met my closest friends in life.

What lessons have you learned from the sport? 

I have learned not to take anything for granted. We practice almost every day during the season. Each minute you can make a difference in achieving your goals.

Despite being an individual sport, how has support for your teammate improved your performance?

In high school I don’t believe wrestling is an individual sport because you are wearing a Plainfield North singlet. Every match counts towards your team’s goal as well as yours. 

Ted Piton